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UniSieve Ltd offers unique molecular sieving membranes adding a new dimension to the world of separation. UniSieve membranes are mechanically stable and flexible, allowing their integration into standard membrane modules. A further advantage of the UniSieve platform technology is its broad applicability to many types of polymer-MOF combinations, enabling the separation of various gasses and liquids.

Applications include:

  • Propylene Purification (C3 Splitter Hybrid / C3 splitter replacement)
  • Propylene Recycling (Flare Gas, Polypropylene Reactors)
  • Biogas purification (CH4 purification)
  • Power-to-Gas separation upgrade (H2 Recycling, CH4 purification)
  • Pervaporation
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Water treatment (removal of organic matter)
  • Organic solvent dehydration (e.g. ethanol dehydration)

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Contact: Samuel Hess


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