Member introduction

St1 Oy is a Finnish energy company owning the St1 service stations’ chain in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Poland. The company was established in 1995 under the name Greenergy Baltic Oy. In 1997, the St1 chain was established in Finland.

Direct contacts

Contact: Patrick Pitkanen


This member is

  • Large enterprise

Member's key competencies

Industry served

  • Biomaterials/biorefinery
  • Energy
  • Sidestreams / recycling


  • Industry

Products and services

  • Energy/green energy

Technologies and solutions

Separation solutions

  • Energy/green/sustainable

Member's place in the value chain

  • Components
  • Technology development
  • OEM
  • Technology provider
  • System integrator
  • Full plant delivery
  • EPC
  • Consumables
  • Service provider
  • Enduser/producer

Consortium partners

  • Build consortium
  • Co-ordinate the Writing process
  • Coordinator
  • Partner
  • Provide piloting site
  • Steering team participant
  • Writer