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Prof. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jyothi is a Principal Researcher at Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources (KIGAM), Daejeon, Republic of Korea. He has born on June 11th, 1974 in his native town, Badvel, Kadapa (District), Andhra Pradesh, India. He received his B.Sc. degree with specialization in Geology, Physics and Chemistry from S.B.V.R. Degree College, Badvel affiliated to Sri Venkateswara University in 1996. Later, he shifted to University College, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India for graduation and completed his M.Sc. with a specialization in Inorganic Chemistry in 1999 & Ph.D. in Chemistry year 2005 from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India and R & D work done at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

First foreigner to get selected as a permanent position at Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources (KIGAM), Daejeon, Korea. Korean National News Channels MBC & YTN Science telecast about my carrier achievements in KIGAM, Korea, on June 14th & 15th 2016. KIGAM monthly bulletin published article on my achievements under Creative People, 07-08/2016.

Life member at

  1. Korean Institute of Resources Recycling, Seoul, Korea (LM 476)
  2. Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), Bangalore, India (LM 1591)
  3. Indian Institute of Metals (IIM), Kolkata, India (LM 49377)
  4. Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers (IIME), Jamshedpur, India (LM 885)
  5. Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS), Mumbai, India (LM 1801)
  6. National Environment Science Academy (NESA), Delhi, India (LM 1323)

 As well as member at

  1. American Chemical Society (ACS), Washington D.C, USA (AM 30204118)
  2. Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Cambridge, UK (e-M 475520525 & MRSC 510732)
  3. The American Association for the Advancement of Science, “Triple A-S” (AAAS), Washington D.C, USA (AM 40888071)
  4. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), Warrendale, USA (AM 489534)
  5. Brazilian Metallurgical, Materials and Mining Association – ABM, Brazil (AM 24053)
  6. Korean Society for Geoscience & Engineering, Seoul, Korea (AM 1214)

He visited several countries such as USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Singapore and South Korea as Invited Researcher as well as to presented his research findings. He published more than 88 research articles and  reviews, 9 Korean, European, US and world patents as well as 50 full research articles were published in peer-reviewed conferences and presented research abstracts in ~55 National and International symposiums.

This member is

  • Expert

Member's key competencies

Industry served

  • Battery metals
  • Chemical
  • Circular economy
  • Energy
  • Metals & mining


  • Analytical lab
  • Application
  • Process design
  • R&D
  • Solutions
  • Technology

Products and services

  • Energy/green energy
  • Metals/REE
  • Teaching & training

Technologies and solutions

Separation technologies

  • Ion exchange
  • Leaching
  • solvent extraction

Separation solutions

  • Metal/REE recovery and recycling
  • Recovery and recycling of valuable compounds
  • Recycling (residues/sidestreams/waste)

Supporting technologies and services

  • Energy saving solutions
  • Environmental impact
  • Process evaluation/redesign
  • Process optimization & efficiency

Member's place in the value chain

  • Components
  • Technology development
  • OEM
  • Technology provider
  • System integrator
  • Full plant delivery
  • EPC
  • Consumables
  • Service provider
  • Enduser/producer

Consortium partners

  • Build consortium
  • Co-ordinate the Writing process
  • Coordinator
  • Partner
  • Provide piloting site
  • Steering team participant
  • Writer

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