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National Research& Development Institute in Chemistry and Petrochemistry- ICECHIM Bucharest, Romania. ICECHIM is one of the most important R&D institutes in Romania. Founded in 1949 under the name of Institute for Chemical Researches- ICECHIM, the institute got in 2004 his actual name and it is working under the authority of Ministry for Research and Innovation. The research activity is focused mainly towards technological research. Many of the technologies applied in the Romanian chemical industry were developed at ICECHIM, such as: polymerization initiators, various polymers and co-polymers: polypropylenes, polyesters, acrylics, epoxy, polyurethanes, polyphenylene oxides, etc., for miscellaneous applications: fibers, plastics, adhesives and coatings, synthetic rubbers, foams, membranes, as well as new generations of active and/ or intelligent materials: micro and nanocomposites (organic-inorganic, inorganic-organic), hydrogels, molecularly imprinted polymers, polymers with immobilized enzymes, filaments for 3D printing, surfactants from renewable raw materials, colloidal systems for industrial use, cellular solids, layered structures, chromogenic functionalized materials. The institute has scientific cooperation relations with many institutes and universities from Romania and EU, like: Université de Provence, Aix-Marseille, France, Université du Sud – Toulon – Var, France, Universität Hamburg (Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie), Germany, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark, University of Coimbra, Portugal, Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa, Portugal, Laaperanta Technical University, Finland, NIBIO, Oslo, Norway and other countries: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Cape-West University, South Africa. ICECHIM has around 90 permanent and few non-permanent research staff.

The team from ICECHIM working in MAT-COP is composed of members from the Polymer Advanced Materials and Polymer Recycling Group. This research team, consists of 4 senior researcher 1st degree (Professor), 2 senior researchers 2nd degree (Associate professors), 2 senior researchers 3rd degree (Post- doc), 2 scientific researchers (assistant professors),  5 master students,   and 2 technicians. Other staff from University  Poliotehnica of Bucharest, namely 1 professor, 1 lector and 1 assistant professor will be hired in ICECHIM for the project development. The team is technology oriented, integrating aspects of basic research to provide the means for transferring the results from the laboratory to implementation in the industrial production. This team is working in present in 5 National Projects (in 4 being coordinator) and in 2 Eranet projects (in both being the coordinator of the international consortium).

The area of interest of the team is polymer synthesis and recycling and last generation of polymer materials, based mainly on supra-molecular chemistry: Molecularly imprinted polymers, Host-guest polymerization, Hydrogels and nanohydrogels for agrochemicals or drug release, etc. Many studied materials, as for instance biosensors or membranes are dedicated to the environment protection, for instance the retaining of heavy metals from waters. During the previous research work, the team has accumulated a great scientific knowledge and technical experience regarding the synthesis of various polymer chemical structures, as well as nano-composites, materialized in numerous national projects finalized with lab-scale –or pilot-scale technologies, having contribution in 4 international completed projects: FP7 PROGRAMME 213436/ 2008 – NANOTOUGH, 314744 /2012 – EVOLUTION in the Frame Project 7 (the 7th research program funded by European Commission in the period 2007- 2015) – Black Sea Eranet project IMAWATCO and project 7-045 and MANUNET-ERA.NET project 7-074 – NASIPONAC in the European Research Area Net.

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