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Freeport Cobalt is a worldwide industry leader in developing innovative metal technology at all stages of production. They are acutely aware of the value of the world’s finite resources and strive to operate in an efficient and ecologically friendly manner. In fact, Freeport Cobalt is active in hard metal and battery scrap recycling and is currently developing recycling processes for catalysts application.

Their extensive metals experience has allowed Freeport Cobalt to develop some of the world’s most efficient technologies for processing and recycling metal and metal products. Freeport Cobalt’s technology provides materials of greater purity for their customers, enabling them to succeed at high-quality, cost-effective production

Cobalt contained in residues and by-products represents a significant domestic source of cobalt. In fact, more than half of Freeport Cobalt’s cobalt feed is recycled material.

Freeport Cobalt’s Kokkola facility is equipped with flexible, hydrometallurgical circuits capable of extracting and purifying cobalt in a technically efficient and environmentally responsible manner to produce high-quality chemicals for a variety of industries.

Freeport Cobalt strives to find the right process for a raw material—not just the right raw materials for existing processes.


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Vesa Rissanen (Director refining)






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