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Finex develops and manufactures tailor made chromatographic resins for industrial systems. A correctly designed and selected resin can improve the process capacity, yield or product purity as well as generating significant reductions in operational costs (such as evaporation). Resin particle size and particle size distribution, the degree of cross-linking and the resin ionic form are the most important parameters adjusted. Finex also provides technical support and analysis of resin properties and characteristics for troubleshooting; also most importantly, basic operator training for appropriate resin handling and chromatography know-how.

Chromatographic separations is the solution to many challenges in many different industries. Tailor-making the resins and their processes helps to maximize on the yields of scarce natural resources

Finex is part of the Johnson and Matthey Group

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Vili Ravanko (Commercial Manager)

Tel: +358 40 727 1501

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  • Biomaterials/biorefinery


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