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Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo, S.L (DAM) has more than twenty years of experience in the operation of wastewater treatment plants, an experience that ranges from services of operation, maintenance and conservation of wastewater treatment plants, to sanitation or supply systems. The company applies the most advanced technologies in the market; thus, the water treated in the facilities managed comply with high-quality parameters that go beyond the current legal requirements, which allows our services are always at the forefront of sustainability and efficiency. The main activities are:
– Management of water supply systems and wastewater treatment plants.
– Waste management and recovery of biosolids for agriculture.
– Construction and management of urban wastewater treatment plants and submarine emissaries.
– Studies and projects of research, development and innovation (RDI)
The company treats sludge and urban wastewater in a large area of Spain and in other countries (Italy, Greece,
Colombia, Algeria, Panama, Ecuador, Peru). Only in Spain, DAM manages sewage from a population of more
than 9.5 M inhabitants in more than 300 plants with a volume of treated water that exceeds 800 Hm3/year, meaning around 20% of wastewater treated in the whole country. DAM owns the Waste Treatment & Valorization Plant “La Vintena” since 2012, with a capacity of treating around 20,000 t/year of industrial biowastes.
In DAM’s business strategy, RDI studies and projects are a priority which allows the company opening to new markets and developing new services. This progress has had a significant impact on the improvement of management and services offered by the company, providing continuous improvement in both the technological and environmental fields. The company develops RDI studies and projects through the work of its staff as a whole and several prestigious research institutions. Most of the research activities of DAM are related to the implementation of the Circular Economy approach to waste and wastewater treatments, which validation can be carried out in real operation conditions in the
treatment plants managed by the company. Other areas of improvement that are object of the R&D&I projects are: resource recovery from wastewater and sludge treatment and valorization; energy recovery; instrumentation, control and automation; advanced disinfection processes; industrial wastewater treatment and
recovery of added-value resources. As a result, DAM’s research projects in recent years about 70 scientific articles have been published.

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Contact; Silvia Doñate


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