Member introduction


We will advise you when you need:

  • Help on content and writing funding applications
  • An expert on transforming an idea into a fundable form
  • A specialist on EU Horizon 2020 SME funding application content

We will assist you all the way from writing the application until getting funding.


We will advise you when you want:

  • Goal-driven growth of sales domestically and internationally
  • Identification and protection of your company’s competitive advantage
  • Help finding new profitable customer segments in domestic and international markets

We will be your partner to achieve desired business growth.


We will advise you when you require:
  • Accelerated growth of business
  • Qualitative information gathered from desired industries
  • A partner to commercialize technology with

We will support you to achieve better results.


Do you aspire for growth? Your business’ benefits are always at the core of our services.

Please contact us for a free mapping out of your company’s needs!

Direct contacts

Panu Parvianen

+358 50 918 5001

This member is

  • Funding

Member's key competencies

Industry served

  • Water and wastewater


  • Application
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology

Products and services

  • Business development services
  • Expertise
  • Funding services
  • Research services

Technologies and solutions

Supporting technologies and services

  • New business models

Member's place in the value chain

  • Components
  • Technology development
  • OEM
  • Technology provider
  • System integrator
  • Full plant delivery
  • EPC
  • Consumables
  • Service provider
  • Enduser/producer

Consortium partners

  • Build consortium
  • Co-ordinate the Writing process
  • Coordinator
  • Partner
  • Provide piloting site
  • Steering team participant
  • Writer