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Fenix Advanced Materials is a Canadian startup company on ultra-high purity (UHP) metals of up to 6N5+ (>99.99995% ): indium, antimony, cadmium, tellurium, and tin. Both UHP indium and antimony are used to create indium antimonide crystals used in infrared technologies. Indium also finds application in the manufacture of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar cells, indium-tin-oxide thin film for touch-screen and liquid crystal displays, and other semiconductor like indium phosphide.

Digital nuclear imaging has been possible through the used of the newest semiconductor: cadmium-zinc-telluride (CZT) crystal. It can directly convert gamma and x-rays into electronic signals, enabling digitizing imaging technologies ranging from nuclear medicine, homeland security to telescopes for black-holes. Cadmium and tellurium of high purity are the required raw materials for the CZT revolution. Other applications of both include cadmium-telluride (CdTe) solar photovoltaics. UHP tin is used in metal fixed-point cells in standard temperature calibration and as plasma source in the newest photolithography that extends Moore’s law: extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. Near future products include ultra-high purity zinc, selenium, and CdTe compound.

Established in May, 2015, the startup is managed and directed by Don Freschi (CEO), a Professional Applied Science Technologist (MBA) with over 30 years of pure metals and semiconductor experience, and Bill Micklethwaite (CSO), a Professional Engineer with 48 years of pure metals and semiconductor experience. Dan Manaig joined the team as its Director of Research and Innovation in 2019.

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Dan Manaig

Director of Research and Innovation


Phone: +1 (250) 681-2214

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  • Start-up

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  • Battery metals
  • Circular economy
  • Metals & mining


  • Industry
  • R&D
  • Technology

Products and services

  • Equipment sales
  • Metals/REE

Technologies and solutions

Separation technologies

  • Crystallization
  • Electrolysis
  • Electrowinning
  • Leaching
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Solid-liquid

Separation solutions

  • Metal/REE┬árecovery and recycling
  • Process optimization and efficiency solutions
  • Recovery and recycling of valuable compounds
  • Recycling (residues/sidestreams/waste)

Supporting technologies and services

  • Process optimization & efficiency
  • Strategy

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  • Components
  • Technology development
  • OEM
  • Technology provider
  • System integrator
  • Full plant delivery
  • EPC
  • Consumables
  • Service provider
  • Enduser/producer

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