Founded in 1997, the Center for Separation Technology (CST) is an organization coordinating the discovery of new opportunities, research and industrial co-operation in separation processes. Our Purpose, Vision and Values reflect what we believe, who we are and what we aspire to be.

CST Purpose

  • Discover new opportunities and technologies
  • Promote cutting-edge research in the field of separation technology
  • Boost the transfer of knowledge between partners
  • Enhance cooperation – both internally and externally – between research teams

CST Vision

We lead the way in separation and purification business solutions globally, constantly finding new co-creation opportunities for our Members.

CST Values

  • Trusted number one partner network
  • Passion for innovation co-creation
  • Courage to succeed

CST Value Proposition:

We are the bridge between industry and academia, delivering cutting-edge separation and purification business solutions.

Best Networks, Visibility and Matchmaking, Research Programs and Funding, Opportunities and Business Services

We lay down the best foundations…for you to succeed.

Best Networks

We make sure that the right people get together at the right time.

For instance, we invite players to our events who are a great strategic fit from the perspective of our members.

We drive the most relevant traffic to our website; in all projects, we strive to put together an All-Star line-up.

Visibility & Matchmaking

We offer our members a voice as part of our CST community. For your organization, this means increased visibility online as well as at events and other occasions.

We provide state-of-the-art tools for matchmaking to make sure that no opportunity for co-creation is ever lost.

Research Programs & Funding

We initiate funding opportunities, build the consortiums and coordinate the composing of applications. In some cases, we also coordinate the project.

First and foremost, we provide expertise and discipline so that the application process is structured and timely and the application itself fulfills the necessary requirements.

Opportunities & Business Services

We seek to identify new opportunities and grab hold of them as they emerge. We serve as a sort of an “opportunity radar” for our membership, keeping our eyes at the horizon at all times.

Our Business Services include start-up evaluation, business model training, technology scouting and ecosystem building – meaning that we can be of service to companies big and small.

But the true opportunity? It comes from the ways our members use what we can provide.

Strategic Reach with Futureproof Solutions

The field of Separation & Purification is brimming with potential. Here are a few examples of how Separation & Purification Technology is forging new paths and transforming the old:

Bio-based Materials is an exciting area with a clear need for breakthroughs in energy-efficient bio-processes and the conversion of biomass into chemicals. Currently, Separation & Purification processes account for 60-80 % of the total costs in the sector. Improving the quality and efficiency of separation processes will contribute significantly to reducing costs and making bio-based energy and chemicals truly feasible.

Sidestreams hold considerable potential to create value by optimizing and developing new separation processes. Through constant improvement, the process leads to better use of waste. Under the Reduce/Recycle/Reuse principles, the new, more sustainable rules for conversion are about to be written.

Water is a matter of life and death for people and the planet. Therefore, Separation & Purification will always deal, in one way or another, with this issue. Currently, it is already feasible to reduce water usage by adapting smart recovery methods. At the same time, hi-tech water treatment has made significant advances as well.

Raw Materials are as hardcore as Separation & Purification can get. Since 40 % of the global economy is dependent on the mining sector, the financial stakes are clearly high. Separation & Purification plays a significant role in the purification of ores as well as the purification & recycling of waste – now and in the future.

Various other sectors – Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas – where separation and purification are significant components of the manufacturing process hold tremendous potential for the future.